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Tech Support Manager - Osborne Computers First Microcomputer ever made Manager Tech Support - Systems, Printers, and Terminals - Televideo Inc. Helped bring Novell Netware to market VP Engineering, then VP Sales and Marketing - Costa Distributing First Novell Distributor - Helped bring ethernet for PCs to market Taught Sales Training for 10 years - Tripled Sales VP Sales and Part Owner - Databank Computers, Inc Largest PC Clone computer manufacturer in the world Phillips Software - Since 1994, writing and developing desktop and internet applications for sales, marketing, customer service order entry, accounting, and Internet Marketing

Start Here – Getting a Basic Understanding of Keywords

You have a have at least a basic keyword understanding of keywords and how they relate to a website and search engines.  Understanding how keywords work is  critical and should be one of the first steps for anyone new to online marketing. Keyword research,…
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Add a Tweet and Facebook Button to your website

TWITTER This is fairly easy.  Go here  and follow the instructions.  After you choose all your options, the html code will appear at the bottom and you can cut and paste the code into your page or pages. FACEBOOK…
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Google’s New +1 or as I call it “Up Yours”

Google’s new +1 is like Facebook’s “Like”.  We’re all very good at Liking our partner’s pages, but it’s very important that we start Liking, or plus one-ing our friend’s and partner’s web pages.  It DOES affect your website’s rankings now,…
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The high cost of Google Ad Words

 The high cost of Google Ad Words is aboslutely amazing. High Cost of Google Ad Words  I get all sorts complaining that AdvertiseYourBusinessNow doesn’t bring them 1000s of leads overnight, yet they have not done any work to advertise on…
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