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Local Searches – Step 1

I have been telling you how great local searches are.  here’s some how to.  First, you need a Google email account.  Across the top, it says Gmail, click on it.  If you don’t have an account, click on the…
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Pinging your Blog

Ok, so you wrote an article on your blog and you want the world to read it.  Here’s a fast and simple way to do it.  Enter your blog website URL, your home page, and feed page  (like ,…
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Website Submission

For some reason, this old battle hard SEO dude cannot understand, website search engine submission seems to now be a little known and underused practice and it’s definitely misunderstood.  In the old days (yes, just a few years ago) the…
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Have Others add your Blog to Google Desktop

Ok, so you have a blog.  Let’s create a little button that allows people to add your newsfeed to their Google Desktop.  Go here You’ll need to choose RSS feed or Atom, choose one feed, select your button, then add…
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SEO News

Time to time, I’ll bring you little snippets mfrom a service you might find helpful in your quest to become the top dog in Google and Yahoo searches across the internet. It’s called seo-news, Search Engine Strategies for Webmasters.….
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