Set and Forget Organic leads using RSS

This is one of my brain children.  AND WELL WORTH IT.  It pays $20 commissions and brings you leads.  Here’s why it’s so cool.  Google Ad Words might bring a few leads, but you’ll pay anywhere from $2 to $15 per hit!!  That’s great traffic, and ad words does work, but quite expensive.  At, or AYBN, you have a search engine, and several rotators if you upgrade that your ad is regularly displayed upon.  I do all the advertising and SEO work.  Roughly 20-25% of all my traffic comes directly from organic google and yahoo searches.  At a one-time for life $59 upgrade, if all you got was 2 to 3 leads a month, you’d be way ahead of Adwords.  If you did a little advertising yourself, like adding the banner above here to your own blog or website and 2 people upgraded under you, this advertising is free, for LIFE.  Are you kidding?  Try it yourself, you can check it out for free, just click on the banner above.  Please leave a comment below.

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