Meta Tags and what they look like

Ok, let’s really look at what the top of your main page that you’ll be submitting looks like. These are your “Meta Tags”. What is a meta tag? This is the definition of what Metadata is. Meta Data is simply data about data. An example is a library catalog. A libray catalog is metadata because it describes where the books (the data) is inside the library. So then Meta Tags or Meta elements are HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. Such elements must be placed as tags in the head section of an HTML or XHTML document. So let’s look at a real life example.

There are several elements required or should be required at the top of a webpage between the tags section.

The Title is key since that’s what a user sees on the tab header on their browser when looking at your site and is quite often used by search engines word for word. The Description also shows up on search engines word for word. Don’t make mistakes on these. It’s faster these days but it used to take months for these mistakes to work their way off the internet. The keywords are obvious necessities, these are the keywords that your site will primarily be found when searchers type in searches in a serach engine. The Google Site verification is optional, there are many of these type of verifications that you can do unique to the search engine or other advertising service. It’s included here as reference. The comments are also optional but every opportunity to add keywords to your page increases it’s ranking.

Here is a simple example…..

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