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  1. Jamie Howe

    I need to start from the beginning. I don’t have anything completed. I joined Mike Filsaime’s program around August 2012, and I also got upsold something that I’m not even aware of to the tune of about $300. I haven’t been able to follow the training and have never gotten a thing done towards making money with this program.
    So where in this massive listing of topics do I go to start the training from step one?
    I’m having problems with my memory, and don’t even know what I bought.
    Today I watched your webinar on Advertizing Your Business AYBN, Wed 5PM Eastern time, offering three products for $59. I don’t even know what this is all about. I don’t know if I should buy it today while I can get it for $59. I heard you making exceptions for a lot of people on the webinar.
    My life has been so hectic that I’ve never even gotten started with the MicroModelBusinessSystem or whatever else I was upsold. How can I find the beginners training webinars so I can give this a shot? Jamie Howe 561-628-3477

  2. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Hi Jamie, sounds like you’re a bit frustrated. We’ll have to do this manually someday, but for you, I’ll extend the 3 n 1 deal at $59 indefinitely for you under one condition. Get your sites running at the Micro Model system first and show me. You have to stay focused. This is an on0line business and as a business, it requires you put a certain amount of time each day at least 5 days a week into it. It takes a certain amount of discipline. I do this 8 hours a day, sometimes more 5 days a week and off an on all weekend. It’s a business, has to be treated like one. Inside Micro Model in your resources area, under webinar replays, start with webinar#1, work through webinar#10. By then, you should have a decent working sales funnel. No more than 5 websites, one domain, 4 subdomains. Your top domain will have a blog and a squeeze page finished. Then with that, you’ll have 5 products to sell. Pick five that are somewhat related and that you’re interested in. You will need to be familiar with those products as well. If you do 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, this may take you a couple weeks to complete. But you’ll have a working business that you can build on indefinitely. Then let me know, show me your sites, we’ll go from there. okay? You can find me on skype as ‘salesnav’

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