The high cost of Google Ad Words

 The high cost of Google Ad Words is aboslutely amazing.

High Cost of Google Ad Words
High Cost of Google Ad Words

 I get all sorts complaining that AdvertiseYourBusinessNow doesn’t bring them 1000s of leads overnight, yet they have not done any work to advertise on their own.  The idea behind AYBN and sites like this is simple.  Everybody needs to advertise.  I sent upwards of 100k emails a week sometimes and the response is so dismal, it surprises me. 1/10 of one percent would be nice some days. 

So I offer to do the advertising for them on a rotator, 4-way rotator, mind you like AYBN for a very small one time only fee of $59 for my time and effort.  I review their site, optimize their keywords, and set them to rotation, then I advertise the crap out of the site.  To the tune of an average 4-500 hits a day with oodles of signups.  each signup becomes a lead.  On top of that, some folks earn an upgrade or two uner them, the ones that try, and this site becomes totally free and a source of income for them.  yes, there are people who make money off me.  If you aren’t getting any leads, it’s one of two things, either you aren’t on rotation, or you have a free account and you aren’t advertising “Free Advertising”.

What I am showing you above is a simple local Google Places campaign I am using to beef up the keywords in my local market for Google Places.  Look closely, 2 clicks for 11.62?  Holy crap!!  And people still don’t realize what AYBN really is and the absolutely crazy value it provides even if only a few leads comes through.   In fact, you might say I am nuts for offering this price. 

Sign up here, yes, it’s free unless you want me to help you with the rotators and the advertising I do myself.

Doc Stone

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