AYBN – Entire Site Reworked and New Videos Added

Hi Everyone, Doc here

I just reworked the entire site with a much more inviting, professional look and feel for a relaunch.  I’ve been adding some how-to videos inside and you’ll want to take a look at a couple of them in the settings panel inside the system.  What I’m really asking for is a few comments and likes on what you think about the changes.  I’d like to put them on my stuff to do list.  Won’t you take a look around again?

This video is extremely cool, It’s a rotator too.  I’m trying to make this one available to everyone.
New capture page http://www.advertiseyourbusinessnow.com/indexad.php

Here’s how to login


Go to the settings pages for the videos.  Over the next months or so, watch for new announcments as I make more progress.
AYBN is getting some new breath breathed into her, watch out!

Again, please make a comment below if you have one.  I need to know your opinions.


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