Local Listings – Now What

Ok, perhaps you’ve figured out how to get your local listing, how do you get it to the top. This is interesting. It’s really a popularity contest. So, let’s do a search for you first. Go to Google, let’s do a search for me, try ‘software paso robles ca’. You’ll see Google Maps come up as ‘Places for software near Paso Robles, CA’ and a map on the right with little red markers. Click on the Stone Software listing for example. See the Place to “Sign in” to rate. Get your customers, friends, anybody who can give you a nice review and get as many done as you can. As you get more ratings, the higher you go on the list, the higher you’ll rank in Google’s listings. Try it, don’t take my word for it. I will tell you this though, if you haven’t taken the time to do this, you’ll miss a huge chunk of targeted, totally free, organic Google leads.

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