Pyramid Linking

I was asked about “Pyramid Linking” the other day and started to do some homework. I cam across this article

After looking through this article and reviewing it, I still think that while it may be a neat trick, someway. somehow, once Google and other search engines get wind of this little trick and figure out how to tell in their algorithms, the practice will end up hurting you more than it will help and it looks like a lot of dang work to boot.

The author said it himself….

“Yesterday, we discussed two of ways you can use bursts of spammy links to help you make money. But just because you have the ability to spam thousands of links a day to a single page doesn’t mean it’s the most effective use of the tool. What if I told you there is a way to launder those spammy links; a way to sift out the negative Google Karma to leave you with pure Link juice that Google uses to rank. Would you be Interested?”

Isn’t spam just that, spam, any way you slice it?

I’d stay away from the practice myself.

Also, at the end of the article, it said this….

If you’re gonna do that, you might as well fill out a spam report on yourself with a list of all your sites and submit it to Google. Along similar lines, don’t use any of Google Products for these sites (like analytics, or Adsense, or Adwords . . . or even surfing to them with a Google Toolbar installed or Google Chrome) with the possible exception of the site at the top of your Pyramid.”

That’s probably good advice to those with 50 or 100 separate sites, but there’s also a benefit for doing one way links from all the sub-sites back to your main site, the “head’ of your funnel as well. In the case of many sub-domains pointing back to the main root site, I don’t see any downside. What about the case where you own all the sites and clearly the sites are related for reals and really should be interlinked, I don’t see any downside for that either. That’s the bottom line, keep it real, keep it honest, and you’ll almost always be just fine.

Anyone see it differently, make a comment, okay?

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