Plug n Play Steps to a Finished Website

The following is a list of the steps Doc Stone thinks you should take to ensure you have the best chance at collecting traffic to your PNP website and making sales.

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1. Get Business Checking account
2. Review templates in “build a Site” panel
3. Make purchase at Domain Name Registrar like Godaddy or namecheap
4. Enter nameservers as and
5. Use “Build a Site” area to build your website
6. Integrate Paypal API, save settings in notepad on desktop.
7. Autoresponder and autoresponder setup-web forms, code cuts and an optin form
Add webform and autoresponder details to notepad file on your desktop.
8. Choose Upsell
9. Set Shipping price
10. Setup Lead Payout JV Settings
11. Test website, see techie lover’s area under Misc. Training
12. Add a new member in Administration, Members area
13. Login as new member, find make$$ panel
14. Collect html for 125×125 and 60×468 banners in notepad file on desktop
15. Collect email subject and texts for both Email#1 and Email#2
16. Collect blog entries for Blog entry#1 and Blog entry#2
17. Edit title, decription and keywords in SEO Optimization area in
Advanced Menu under Settings
18. Add Title, description, and Keywords to notepad file on desktop
19. Edit Optin-email and Add Follow-up Emails
20. 19. Login to wordpress blog, Update wordpress version, plugins, and themes if required
21. Edit General settings area with website name, your email, etc.
22. Configure akismet plugins to eliminate spam
23. Create 2nd webform in autoresponder using graphics of choice,
coolect html, add to notepad file on desktop
24. Edit Contact page, replace contact form with webform from
25. Add text widget to sidebar above all else, add webform to sidebar in
text widget.
26. Configure adrotators and apply banners from other websites you have
27. add some blog entries or edit existing ones to your liking
28. Create Squeeze Page using Administration menu, squeeze page, use
webform used in blog and banners you saved.
29. Watch safelist and Traffic exchange Webinars and start marketing
squeeze page.

I’d like to say thinks to Diane Van De Berg, Margaret Bridge, and Ana Dumois for their assistance and efforts in helping me build this list. Watch for a more detailed version coming soon.


  1. May Reed

    Hi Doc, I changed my MMBS password last week but did not update my master list and I click forgot password but it does not send me an email to get a new password. i can’t access my site. what do i do from here…thanks for your help.

  2. admin (Post author)

    Hi May, can you find me on skype as ‘salesnav’ so we can fix that for you.

  3. Debbie Nicholson

    Thanks Doc – you are so very helpful

  4. Tim

    Hello Doc,
    are the MMBS training sessions Tuesday n Thursday still on?
    I do not get any email schedule anymore…
    thank you,

  5. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Yes, Tim. Every Tues, Weds, and Thursday

    LIVE Webinars on Wednesdays at 5 pm EST

    Tell your friends, see you there

  6. Jeffri Abdullah

    Hi there – I have purchased a number of the products in a box which you have such as Guide to Facebook, Success with Twitter – more than 50 of them in total – some from Profit Platform and some from Micrmodel – all Mike Filsaime DFY products. I dont like the add-on newsletter and I think I can add some more value in other ways. I understand these are PLR products – can you please confirm this – thankyou Jeffri

  7. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Hi Jeffri, you don’t have to have the newsletter and absolutely you can add value with whatever you have in mind. Hope this answers your question. Doc

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