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For some reason, this old battle hard SEO dude cannot understand, website search engine submission seems to now be a little known and underused practice and it’s definitely misunderstood.  In the old days (yes, just a few years ago) the only way to get your site listed in the search engines was to “submit” your website.  Each search engine had a different method and some were done manually.  But in those days, within a month or so, the traffic would come pouring in.  Then it seemed that pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture (gone now) were the way to go.  In fact, as soon as the pay-per-click stuff came out, it seemed the traffic from the standard submissions started dying (go figure).  Now, there are 1000s of internet marketers specializing in advertising for everybody else so that some manufacturers have better luck putting their products out on clickbank or some other service and letting the professionals like us do their marketing.  It’s cheaper to pay a commission to them than it is to pay for the advertising themselves. 

But……. the bottom line today is still this.   If you don’t submit your website to the search engines, it’s virtually invisible, sometimes indefinitely.  There are exceptions and it amazes me sometimes how some sites get listed on their own and some don’t.  But you are doing yourself as disfavor if Google somehow found you, but none of the other 1000 or so search engines out there have not. 

In my next article, I’ll start detailing what’s involved, which search engines are most important, which you can do automated, which manual, and what tools are available to make this tedious task a bit easier.   Comment below if you want.


  1. Ruth Lee@Affiliate earn online

    Hi James.

    Thank you so much for all the useful information in your site. I am looking forward to your next post about website submission!

    I though you mentioned that there was a service offered to submit websites, is it through you? if yes, how can I find out details?

    Take care.


  2. admin (Post author)

    Hi Ruth, yes. The website is You can find all the contact information there you will need.

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