Pinging your Blog

Ok, so you wrote an article on your blog and you want the world to read it.  Here’s a fast and simple way to do it.  Enter your blog website URL, your home page, and feed page  (like , choose the services you’d like below and click on send ping.  If it’s already done, it will let you know.  I highly suggest you do this after every blog entry you make.  When you do this, the service may come back and tell you this is already done, like “Slow Down Cowboy”.  This is because some of the latest versions of WordPress do this for you automatically.  So, if you try a couple times only to find out it’s already done, then you are covered and don’t need to do any pings anymore, but WordPress is one of the very few that will do this automatically.  Best to check that this is done and not leave it to chance.  Comment below if you’d like.

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