The Best Online Business Ideas

What are some of the best online business Ideas? This webinar titled ‘What Should I Sell?’ answers just that.  Doc discusses and suggests many possibilities for different kinds of online businesses, but not the typical ones.  After you’re done listening make sure you add yourself to the mailing list so you don’t miss out on future webinars.  No obligations, we won’t sell your email address.  We won’t send you junk, just notifications of live events and other information which you may find helpful as an internet marketer.

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Doc Stone


  1. Albert

    Dear Dr. Stone thank you for your program but I have dyslexia which makes it very hard for me to get online to sell something. Do you do any work on the side? I had someone else to help me write a book, it was based on short stories about my life. I was wondering if you can make an e-book for me. I had a company called publish America that published the book for me but I got ripped off by this company. I have to sell 5000 books before I can get any royalties or to make any money off the book. What I would like to do is to rewrite my book in a book form to sell it. I would be willing to split anything that we make off the book. I would change the name on my book to miracles can happen to you also or you can think up a new name for the book. Here’s the link to my website, check out the index of the stories that are in my book. check it out and let me know what you think or how I should handle this. Thanks again Dr. Stone.

  2. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Hi Albert, I can help a bit with how you might get this accomplished, but I am so crazy busy, I barely have enough time to get my own stuff done. I think maybe you should join our skype groups and find one of the people in our groups that can team up with you. Many do not have a product of their own and you do. There are some very good marketers and a lot of expertise. I am sure you can find a partner there somewhere. In the meantime, I can be a resource for the both or more of you. If you don’t have skype, get it at and once installed, click add contact, my contact name is salesnav. Let me know who you are and I will add you to some of our groups. Several people have written books in the groups. Also, make sure you have added yourself to my mailing lists at You might consider becoming one of my students as well. Doc

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