Local Searches – Step 5

Okay, you can’t really do this step without making sure you have all your verifcations done.  You need to be able to see your listings to see what they look like and where they are displaying.  Google ranks you higher for whether others like you and your business or not.   What you want to do now is have every friend or client of yours who likes you rate your listing.  They will need to go to Google, do a search for you in the town you live in.  I live in Templeton CA.  So for someone to find me, hey maybe you would like to rate my listing for me.  Try this, go to Google, type in Web Design, Templeton CA.  Hopefully I have my verification done by then.  I revised my site and have to reverify now. Find my listing.  Under the listing, and you’ll see the listing shown in the map.  Google Local Searches kind of shows you standard listings and local listing all mixed together.  Click on place page, then scroll down, click on Rate and Review and say something nice. 

The point is, the more good reviews you have, the higher you’re listing will go.

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  1. Peter Mason

    hey jim,

    here in NH. my listings been up a while but used your information to clean up the rough edges. I’m halfway through this step b step guide and wanted to thank you for your work…in case I die in the next hour, i’m gonna look up your site an leave a good comment…return favor if you like. Pete.

  2. admin (Post author)

    Hi Peter, we are still working this out, but I might add that the traffic we got on our test site was extremely targeted for a heating and air company. 2-5 hits a day, but 2-3 jobs a week. Since the marketing was working, we decided to take one more step and did a $150 Google Places Ad. This is way different than Google Ad Words, much fewer categories, more coverage, and the results were astounding. We were already covered in about 80% of any local searches, but it went wild. During the first week, this business got 7 large jobs, the phone was off the hook. I thought I just might add that in to the equation. Make sure you have all your keywords listed in Ad Words and stay extremely targeted. Coverage is what you want and only people that really are looking for your services. Key thing too is getting people to review your places listing, you need one more than your competitior. Make sure you have your Places account done to the hilt with coupons, specials, expanded location coverage, the works, then if you want to blow the roof off, you post a Places Ad. And no, I don’t work for Google, and yes Google is dangerous to your pocketbook, but this actually works and it’s very cheap and reasonable. You actually get what you pay for.

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