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AdvertiseYourBusinessNow or AYBN is RSS Newsfeeds on display in a manner that noone else has tried before or since.  And it works!  We have well over 5500 members as of the writing of this article and rather than use the standard help desk inside the system, we have decided to make the answers available to everyone.  Ask your question or state your issue in a comment and we will back to you as quickly as possible. 

Good $elling, James (Doc Stone)


  1. aloma

    I have a homebased business can i adv. it with adv. your bus. now, and how do i
    get about it.

    Not sure.

  2. Karen

    I have no idea whether or not my info has been saved.

    I entered as much information as I can and click “Save”… and
    it keeps coming back to the same page with the same recording????

  3. admin (Post author)

    Hi Aloma, that’s normal, the recording starts over each time it’s saved. I know, kind of annoying, but just trying to make sure you listen to it. If the data on the screen looks ok, it’s saved. Also, you can click on the RSS feed link to see what your page looks like. If it displays correctly, you got it right, Make sure you check the RSS newsfeeds at the bottom of the page. If you leave out plus signs or have extra spaces, they need to be edited.

  4. admin (Post author)

    Hi Aloma, yes of course, go to heep://www.advertiseyourbusinessnow.com/indexa.php, sign up, and follow the instructions inside.

  5. Jared

    Hey James can we talk to you by email as I’ve tried before?

    Also how can I verify that my website is in the triple rotation system in a way other than you telling me its there such as going on search engines and seeing it for myself.

  6. admin (Post author)

    Hi Jared, I sent a couple emails just now, so yes no problem. James

  7. chris

    I sent test email to myself…link to my website does not show my website. i am an upgraded member. Thanks.

  8. admin (Post author)

    Hi Chris, I saw that, welcome to our family. If you login, go to http://www.advertiseyourbusinessnow.com and use the member login link, go to the pages and banners panel. There are several links there for your pages. Click on each one so you can see what each is and does. You don’t say what link you used, so I am suggesting you use one of these links.

  9. Jonathan

    Forgive me but this is all very new to me. After I have entered my personal information (including the key word phrases) and saved my settings – what do I do next?

  10. admin (Post author)

    Hi Jonathan, you have a free account. The thing to do now is to add a banner to one of your sites, do a blog entry about AYBN, send an email about it so others might come to your site, sign up under you and maybe even upgrade for even better exposure earning you a $20 commission. If you login http://www.advertiseyourbusinessnow.com/system/login.php and go to the Page and Banners panel, scroll down for lots of resources you can use in this endeavor. Also, make sure you enter your usernames and IDs into any programs you may already belong to on the settings panel.

  11. seo company

    I have no idea whether or not my info has been saved.

  12. admin (Post author)

    Hi goalclicks, I am having trouble figuring out what your username, and the email you used to sign up. Than I’d be happy to check the status of your account. James

  13. Keith Darby

    Hi James, Two comments,
    (1) Squeeze Page, Nice! but spoiled by writing “Fill out to find “…etc not being all on the white background – some letters on grey, practically unreadable. Needs a shift to the left or wider white area! If you don’t mind the suggestion, I would put “the” (after From) on the next line in front of “Major” and then put the last word “FREE” on the next line, right in the middle of the page!

    (2) I don’t understand why we are putting “+’ signs between the keywords, I don’t think any normal person would do that when using a Google search box and in fact if I type my first keyword phrase in to your search box without the “+” sign I get NOTHING! With the “+” sign I do get my ad shown just below the search box.
    However when I enter the other two key word phrases either with or without the “+” sign I get “No results from the search.
    Please explain?

    Thank you

    Keith Darby

  14. admin (Post author)

    Hi Keith, thanks for the comment. I appreciate the suggestion on the squeeze page. Thank you. On the + signs, it’s a requirement for the RSS feeds that show up at the bottom of the main page http://www.advertiseyourbusinessnow.com So, yes, nobody would do that on a Google search although you could, but for RSS feeds, newsfeeds, it’s a must for automated rss feed searches. Hope that explains it.

  15. Logan Badger

    Thank you For your emails I just lost my unemployment and on almost 0 budget I nave a website being created and am still waiting for it to be completed as I already paid for it so I do not have a URL to complete your sign up but I am planning on doing so when I get it so I will be back in touch soon.


    Logan Badger

  16. Phil Schaefer

    Hello Support,

    I’m considering Your System / Opportunity to begin marketing my new affiliation with a Co. just launching as we speak called “GREEN-ORANICS” … My concern is that I’d be getting a bunch of offers sent to my email that I really do not have interest in? Can this be avoided? Keep me in the loop on this and I’ll keep an open mind. Thanks much.

    To learn more about how I choose to introduce myself and my Business, please go to http://www.MarketingPersistence.com … “Because Persistence Pays!”.

  17. admin (Post author)

    Hi Phil, those emails won’t be coming from me. We do send a few offers out once in a while from friends of ours, but they are legitimate offers and we appreciate the opportunity to be able to make those offers to you. But if anything at all doesn’t suit you, just delete them.

  18. Susan Permenter

    hey james,

    I was just updating my info in settings for getting my gvo autoresponder fully set up. How do I test this out? I also updated my settings on some of the add on tools and when I would click on the Add On Tool Page – it didn’t show the new info (Links) that I am enrolled in on certain tools. Am I suppose to enter my links on this page, if so how?
    another question: for follow up letters in our campaign-do we use the email letters in the back office or are those for just email marketing for abyn?

  19. admin (Post author)

    Hi Susan, Once you have the GVO autoresponder setup, look in your downline area and you should see a GVO button by the lead’s name to the right. Click on it. First, you should get no errors. If you get no errors, the thing to do is login to GVO and see if the new lead is now in your list. If you have opt-in set to yes, remember it might not show as active until that person clicks on the optin email. Yes, please use the follow up letters in the back office, but they are specific to AYBN of course. The idea of letting members add their leads to their existing autoresponder list though was to allow you to consolidate all your leads. So as they come in to AYBN, you may already have a growing list, add them to that list. They will of course get the emails you have in that exisiting list. Maybe add one AYBN email to that series to maybe bring some of the people in your list under you at AYBN and maybe make a commission or two or more. Doc

  20. Todd Pease

    You should change the Yellow Links on White Background to Blue – Yellow is Hard on the Eyes – Todd : )

  21. admin (Post author)

    Hi Todd, don’t know if I’d like blue, I like the yellow myself, any other suggestions that might be a little more color corrdinated with the rest of the site?
    I’m happy to take suggestions and actually, thanks for having an opinion. It’s appreciated.

  22. Royce Mills

    Hello Doc,

    Have not used AYBN in awhile, kinda forgot about it after my last computer crashed. But I See you have redone AYBN with a new look… Great Job.

    I will be advertising hard on my 3 websites (putting the AYBN banners and such on the OTO Page and Pop-ups Ect…) and I will let you know how it goes. Take a look at them in a couple of days to see how I am Advertising AYBN…

    Good Luck to All of You,
    Royce Mills

  23. admin (Post author)

    Thank you Royce, good to get confirmation on our efforts. Doc

  24. Leroy Hinds

    I clicked the wrong button and got a reset password and received a new password 3 miles long. How do I get to a personal or profile page so I can change my password to a much shorter one.

    Also how do I get to the set up page to put in new information concerning the nwe program that I want to advertise?

  25. Leroy Hinds

    Hello James

    Disregard the last message i sent to you, as I have found the answers.

    I am in a new business with Global Elite Marketing System which trains us new members how to be successful in NPN.

    However there is a problem in advertising it in ABYN because the Global Elite System does not use Traffic Wave or GVO as Autoresponders in their system, They use Aweber.

    Is their any possibility you could set AYBN to make use of Aweber as a redirect.. That is the only way I can make use of my paid membership in AYBN. I hope you will at least consider it.

    Thank You

  26. admin (Post author)

    Hi Leroy, I appreciate the suggestion but what I don’t like about aweber is their lack of a decent affiliate program while GVO and Traffic Wave do provide some great incentives. Traffic Wave especially. I encourage you to takke a look at what they have to offer although I know it’s hard if you already have a growing list. You can still take the email and name and enter them manually into aweber. There are so many autoresponders, it’s hard to support them all. Doc

  27. admin (Post author)

    Hi Leroy, I can reset your password to whatever you’d like, email me at advertiseyourbusinessnow@gmail.com and let me know what you want your password to be and I’ll change it for you. Or you can use that long one, once in, you can change the password yourself on your settings page. Doc

  28. fred ylagan


    how do i know if im on the rotator?
    which site will be put on the rotator?


  29. admin (Post author)

    Hi Fred, I think I answered this for you somewhere before. There are several rotator pages on AYBN.

    There are others, but these are the main ones I advertise for upgraded members.
    Each time you refresh the page, a new member will appear.


  30. Gary Abernathy

    Be nice if I could find a place to sign Up.

  31. admin (Post author)

    Hi Gary, there should be a webform on the sidebar to sign up on. Doc

  32. admin (Post author)

    Hi Fred, these are the rotators pages


    Each time you refresh the page, a new member will appear.
    As for which page, if you have 2 accounts, it’s the one that is upgraded.


  33. Michael Green


    I wanted to start promoting AYBN again but I am not sure if its still highly active. For example, no y comments on the help desk page

    Michael Green

  34. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Hi Michael, absolutely AYBN is still very active. The help desk page here doesn’t get much because I get them answered and there’s at least 3 other ways to get help. Look for the live traniing and webinar replays area and find me out on skype and come join us, skype name is ‘salesnav. Doc

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