Local Listings – How to

Google Local searches are some of the more powerful tools you can use to bring in more traffic, especially if you want to add more visibility to your local market.  You may not know it, but unless you do a little of what I’m suggesting in this article, you probably will not get much local traffic at all.  By local traffic, I mean in the 50-100 mile radius around your home.  If you happen to live in a big city, that’s a lot you can be missing.  Here’s the thing, only you as the website owner can really do any of this.  You have to go to Google Search.  Click on Maps, you’ll see a link to Put your business on Google Maps.  You’ll need to create an account, or you can use your existing gmail account.  Once you’ve gone through everything they want you to do, you’ll need to do a verify with them.  This is why only you can do this.  They will either call you on the phone and you better be sitting there ready to take the call, or they will send you a letter in the post and you’ll have to wait a few days to get it.  Once you get the verification, you’ll enter the code and you’ll be verified.  This is step one and a big one.  I’ll write a little more about this later.  Please post any comments you might have below or add anything you might have learned along the way for the benefit of others.


  1. Ettaariane

    This is great and I am going to follow your steps. I have a business that I advertise in the local rags and that is doing well so lets see if I can improve things through Google. Thank you for the info. Best wishes. Etta

  2. admin (Post author)

    It takes a little work, but yes, it works quite well, amazing, really. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Hyacinth

    I certainly will take this bit of advice. I could do with some traffic. I am wondering though, can a newbie do this?

  4. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Absolutely of course. It takes some time but there’s nothing utterly so technical you can’t do all this anymore. Most of it is pretty easy and it’s getting to be the steps for adding features and such are all very similar.

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