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Google’s New +1 or as I call it “Up Yours”

Google’s new +1 is like Facebook’s “Like”.  We’re all very good at Liking our partner’s pages, but it’s very important that we start Liking, or plus one-ing our friend’s and partner’s web pages.  It DOES affect your website’s rankings now,…
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Website Submission

For some reason, this old battle hard SEO dude cannot understand, website search engine submission seems to now be a little known and underused practice and it’s definitely misunderstood.  In the old days (yes, just a few years ago) the…
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Have Others add your Blog to Google Desktop

Ok, so you have a blog.  Let’s create a little button that allows people to add your newsfeed to their Google Desktop.  Go here http://www.google.com/webmasters/add.html. You’ll need to choose RSS feed or Atom, choose one feed, select your button, then add…
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