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I use everything listed here myself

This one is mine – RSS Feeds, rotators, gets 350-400 hots a day, about 20 signups, and
1 to 2 upgrades a day paying out $20 commissions each. Are you getting your share?

TRAFFIC ZIPPER is a safelist and mailer manager, only supported safelists work with traffic zipper, but if you have 4 or 5 of them, this is a life-saver

TRAFFIC ZIPPER SITES Safelist – 3000 emails every 3 days Lifetime $197 Paid Free to try 97$ Lifetime if you sign up right Credit Based List – JVs do 5000 every 3 days Advertise a single page for all your systems


TRAFFIC EXCHANGES Splash Page Builder and Traffic Exchange 8$/mo



BACKLINKS banner exchange 50.00 one time upgrade
SOCIAL NETWORKING Social Site, everybody looks at the same website and comments Send Tweets to 80 social networking sites at once

TOOLS Banner Maker Ad tracker system hosting Conference room Autoresponder scripts sco tools ExitSplash PHP Scripts etc.
http://www.squeezepagegenerator.com tools 15 day trial 7$ one time
http://www.killervideosqueezepages.com with master resale rights
Free Favicon Generator Site that tracks popularity – if you own a website, you should claim it here. Tells who owns what website and where it’s hosted Free html editor”displaylang=en Microsoft Sharepoint Designer, formerly Front Page Free download Free FTP program Create your own font for your signature – download font, right-click choose install Zip Programs

WEBSITE ANALYTICS Analytics Analytics

WORDPRESS PLUGINS To alleviate spam, totally free Google Buzz, Alexa Ranking, and SEO Meta Tags (note, on some WP Themes, Yahoo Buzz will cause errors) Backup your WP Database Preserve Source Code formatting Very specialized if you want to display html code for example, you need this

MIKE FILSAIME WEBSITES SEO Traffic Popup Ads Get Your Own Products ebook website promotion


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