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This is an update to a previous post on being hacked on WordPress.  After digging around and not getting much help.  Getting very frustrated actually.  Hacked 5 times…. really??  Each time I shut them down within hours of finding out.  You’d think this jerk would get tired.  Well, they weren’t tired at all and were poised to make it a 6th time.

The issue is that they infect your site with a bunch of back door files they can’t enter any time they like.  If you don’t find every single file, you’re wasting your time.

I’d already added a bunch of plugins that were supposed to try and fix all this, you can read about it in this post http://www.jamesstoneseo.com/2013/03/26/wordpress-hacked/

And those plugins are actually not bad if…… you haven’t been hacked already.

What do you do if it’s too late?

The answer is WordPress Defender also known as Website Defender.  It’s $99.95/year or $19.95/month

I know that sounds expensive, but after being hacked and the amount of work involved, it’s really cheap.
The plugin itself without the upgrade is free and still does at least the file comparisons and ip notifications..

The monthly is to do virus and malware scanning.  Here’s the software http://www.websitedefender.com

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