CRSS Trojan bug 07-19-11

Today I had a trojan horse wake up and attempt to mess my system up.  My Virus software found it and blocked it fortunately, but it did do some damage.  I noticed an incredible number of processes in my task manager called crss.  I use VIPRE anti-virus software, a very small footprint, doesn’t bog your system down, excellent company that does a lot of very advanced large network security products called GFI and Sunbeltsoftware.  What was interesting is that quite a few website I usually go to were suddenly unavailable.  I got a message about the proxy server blocking me.  So I started checking my internet setup in tools, internet settings.  I don’t use a proxy server.  I turned it off, and now everything works.  This affected IE and Firefox.  Just an FYI.  Hopefully your virus software caught it.

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