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My name is James Stone. They call me Doc.  I’m not a real doctor of course, but I’ve owned some of the largest companies in the world and started several brick and mortar businesses before there was an internet. I earned the nickname as a guy who could fix anything to do with computer networks. I’ve been consulting with Sales professionals, presidents, CEOs, and teaching sales and internet marketing since the 1980s, that’s a very long time.   I have over 30 years as an Engineer and Programmer, Sales Management and Trainer/Teacher

These are a few of my accomplishments…..
Tech Support Manager, Osborne Computers, 1st Z80 CP/M Computer
Sales Engineer, Televideo, Western Territory
Systems Division, Tech Support Manager, Televideo, all 3 divisions
VP Engineering, Costa Distributing, 1st Novell Distributor
VP Operations, Costa Distributing
VP Sales, Costa Distributing, Tripled Sales in 2 Years
VP Sales and Part Owner, DataBank Computers
DataBank was the Largest PC Clone Manufacturer in the World
Owner, Binary Network Connections (BNC)
Owner, Sales Navigator Sales Management Tools
Been working from home since 1994

I know I am very qualified to teach what I know to the world.

If you’d like to make sure you get notified of any free webinars and would like to sample a few webinar replays and take home a few short pdf ebooks, make sure you fill out the webform to the right.  I hope to meet you and see you in a webinar soon.


  1. Vivien Gernandt

    Problem with signing up.

    I filled out the signup form twice. When I click Submit, a message says “access only to members”. I looked in my email and there was no confirmation email from you.

    So how does anyone signup? Please tell me how. Thanks.

  2. admin (Post author)

    Looks like you already have an account. ID # 5710 using a slightly different email than the one you used here. Please contact me on Skype as “salesnav” or email me at leadgushersales@gmail.com and I’ll reset your password. James

  3. James Stone


    I’m having problems with the “Current News and Information” links found at the bottom of my GDI Full Matrix Coop site. They never have worked correctly on my site.
    Please help me get them working so I can continue my marketing efforts.

    Here’s what the links say –

    Current News and Information



    [CaRP] XML error: Attribute without value at line 2 –


    [CaRP] XML error: Attribute without value at line 2 –


    [CaRP] XML error: Attribute without value at line 2 –

    Today’s Sponsor is Harrison Jones

    P.S. Please let me know somthing!

    Thank You,

  4. admin (Post author)

    Please check it now, should be corrected. Doc

  5. James Stone

    Dec. 21st, 2011 1:32 p.m. cst


    The above problem is still not corrected. Just checked it out, sorry to be a pain in the Butt.

    Merry Christmas,
    Harrison Jones

  6. admin (Post author)

    Sorry about, fixed one, forgot the other. Check it now.

  7. James Stone


    Thank You for the help! Looks like what ever you did worked.


  8. Diane

    Love the lessons and the learning, love what plug and play has to offer and certainly helps for us newbies that are totally illierate, you have scertainly speeded up the learning curve,

    Thanks Doc



  9. sandra ware

    i am new to this website building so, ineed a real slow start to understand all the domain paypal paydotcom set up and does get response work with mmbs sandraware

  10. Laurie

    Regarding your article about the steps for the MMBS – your #4 says:

    4. Build your first primary top domain main site

    Remember to choose to put your blog in the root
    In this way you will be able to generate organic traffic to your blog

    How can you build a blog on it? It is my understanding that the hosting company gives you a CPanel which you can then use Fantastico to put a WP blog on your domain name. I cannot figure out how to do this.
    I have watched the webinars and it seems like you build your top blog from the one that comes with the PHP product – is that what we do? Chose one of the products and then use the already installed blog as our “top blog”? I know I’ve asked this before but I still don’t understand-it would make sense to build a blog on my domain then use it and put the products on the sub-domains – but I can’t figure out how to do that without the CPanel specifically for my domain name.

  11. admin (Post author)

    Hi Laurie, when a site gets built, you will already have a blog as well as the sales site. You can decide in step 4 where to put the blog, either in the root or a folder. So you don’t need fantastico at all. It’s already installed whether you want it or not. So yes, the top blog will be the one that comes with the PHP product. So the PHP product will already be in the top primary domain but in a folder called getaccessnow. And yes, yes on this “it would make sense to build a blog on my domain then use it and put the products on the sub-domains” You will have a cpanel on all your sites so that’s already there too. Hope this helps.

  12. Bill Thornton

    Please add me to the PNP Mastermind Group


    Bill Thornton

  13. admin (Post author)

    Hi Bill, get skype at http://www.skype.com, install it, then add contact, use ‘salesnav’ as the name and ask me to add you to the group. You have to have skype to get to the group. Doc

  14. Eileen Harvey

    Hi James,
    Wanted to write a note telling you how much I appreciate you taking the time to teach us in the MMBS and PHP class. I knew some things when I came to the classes, although since starting them I have learned so much, much more. I find that I am growing in the learning process and I have set myself up to always be in the learning mode since thing are always evolving in this business. I really look up to you as a mentor and you have paved my way for me to strive and be successful this time around. So Thanks You James, always look forward to the next classes!
    Your Forever Grateful Student
    Eileen Harvey

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