About James Stone

My name is James Stone. They call me Doc. I’m not a real doctor of course, but I’ve owned some of the largest companies in the world and started several brick and mortar businesses before there was an internet. I earned the nickname as a guy who could fix anything to do with computer networks. I’ve been consulting with Sales professionals, presidents, CEOs, and teaching sales and internet marketing since the 1980s, that’s a very long time. I have over 30 years as an Engineer and Programmer, Sales Management and Trainer/Teacher

These are a few of my accomplishments…..
Tech Support Manager, Osborne Computers, 1st Z80 CP/M Computer
Sales Engineer, Televideo, Western Territory
Systems Division, Tech Support Manager, Televideo, all 3 divisions
VP Engineering, Costa Distributing, 1st Novell Distributor
VP Operations, Costa Distributing
VP Sales, Costa Distributing, Tripled Sales in 2 Years
VP Sales and Part Owner, DataBank Computers
DataBank was the Largest PC Clone Manufacturer in the World
Owner, Binary Network Connections (BNC)
Owner, Sales Navigator Sales Management Tools
Been working from home since 1994

I know I am very qualified to teach what I know to the world.

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