Webinar Replay – Webfire – Best SEO Tool in a Long Time – 03/13/13

Webinar Replay goes over Advertise Your Business Now, what it is and how to set it up. Then it goes into use of how to use some of the basic Webfire Tools and using them to do research on keyword phrases. Once you have found that right on keyword phrase, how to create a wordpress post using that phrase to attract the traffic it commands and own it. Watch this.    Get this to follow along Download PowerPoint Presentation

Get your own AYBN account at http://www.advertiseyourbusinessnow.com/indexa.php and never miss another webinar again.



  1. Liaqat Hussain

    This webinar is certainly the most comprehensive training / review on this tool named webfire. I am going to sign up for this software today. Since I weigh your opinion significantly. I want to say thank you…….Best Regards…Liaqat Hussain

  2. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Hi Liaqat, that’s great, you’ve been to my webinars on this, if you use this tool once a week, you’ll see great results. I’m sure of it. Doc

  3. Liaqat Hussain

    thanks doc.

  4. Adamn

    Nice post, this is very important to the people who is doing seo. and i know a good backlinks checker to help promotion websites, http://siteexplorer.info is totally free and no limit, and it is very professional.

  5. Doc Stone (Post author)

    Thanks Adamn, nice tool for us to use to check links. I’m getting slightly different results than Alexa.com which I use for this purpose but nice tool.

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