The 4 Major Types of Backlinks

There are 4 major types of backlinks that your website can get.
I’m paraphrasing an article I received from one of my sources that I think applies to getting top 10 listing in Google that you need to know about.

Backlinks can be one of the most important things when it comes to high rankings on Google.   For a first page Google’s result, make sure your site has as many good backlinks as possible.  What Google is looking for is sites that other people feel are so important that these other sites will link to you.  Kind of like you are the site that other sites look to for advice.

There are 4 types of text links that can appear on a web page.   Use all four if you can.   They are listed here in order of importance.

The informational backlink
Informational backlinks lead to pages that offer more information related to the words that are linked in the text.  For example, you could write about some of the programs and systems you may be involved in or maybe you are an affiliate. The linked text goes to a page that contains the details.  This does not go to a splash or landing page, just an informational page.  Like this one about Internet Marketing.  Have you ever noticed that Google indexes some very strange pages indded right up there with the main pages like a terms and conditions page.  These pages are purely informational.  Add some links to your blog articles that link to the details, like other sites that contain more information about the subject you are writing about.

How can you get more informational backlinks link to YOUR website:
• Find some websites by keyword search in Google or Yahoo.
• Search for the word and add the word  “resources”  to the search.  Find websites that deal with the topic of your website and then send an email to that site suggesting your site as a linkable resource content.  be prepared to reciprocate if asked.

2. The definitional backlink
Definitional backlinks provide just that, a definition of the linked words.  Add links to sites where there is a definition to a word you may use that’s maybe harder to understand, like SEO, URL, or domain, nameserver etc.

How can you get definitional backlinks to YOUR website:
• Create a detailed glossary that explains the terminology of your branch and make these pages easy to find. People who write about your branch will link to your glossary to define the terms.  After a while, you become the site people link to.

3. The referential backlink
Referential backlinks are sites that you use as a reference for some kind of facts.  The top 10 internet advertising sites were such and such.  The link will be to the site where you got that information.

How to get referential backlinks to YOUR site:
• Create linkable content on your web pages. This could be top 10 lists, statistics, etc.
• Do blog searches to find blogs that are related to your business. Inform them about your linkable resources.

4. The promotional backlink
Promotional links are backlinks that go to a landing page: How to get top 10 rankings on Google with a single software tool that helps you with all aspects of SEO.  These are the ones that you are all familiar with.  Splash Pages, sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and the like.

How to get promotional backlinks to YOUR site:
• Find sites that are related to your site.
• JV with the site owners. If they link to your site, you could link to their site. Offer other incentives to link to your site (free product samples, etc.).
• Find related blogs and ask the bloggers for a review of your site.

I use a great tool to do all of this as automated as it can be as a link manager.
I write about it in this article on this site

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