Google’s New +1 or as I call it “Up Yours”

Google’s new +1 is like Facebook’s “Like”.  We’re all very good at Liking our partner’s pages, but it’s very important that we start Liking, or plus one-ing our friend’s and partner’s web pages.  It DOES affect your website’s rankings now, just as having visitors rate your website DOES have a huge influence in Google Places.

The +1 button is Google’s version of Facebook’s Like button. The +1 button is displayed on Google’s search result pages and webmasters can add Google’s +1 button to their own web pages (instructions).

Website visitors who like a page can click the +1 button to show Google that they like it.

A web page that gets many +1 clicks obviously offers something that makes it better than average. It makes sense to show these pages higher in the search results.

What does this mean for your website?

+1 clicks are a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm and you should add the Google +1 button to your web pages. Many websites don’t use the button yet so you will have an advantage if you add the button now.

The +1 button is not the only ranking signal that Google uses to determine the position of your site in the search results. Google uses many more signals.

Learn Something new everyday,

Doc Stone


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