Start Here – Getting a Basic Understanding of Keywords

You have a have at least a basic keyword understanding of keywords and how they relate to a website and search engines.  Understanding how keywords work is  critical and should be one of the first steps for anyone new to online marketing.

Keyword research, keyword placement, phrases and a basic understanding of what they call latent keywords are basic to SEO (search engine optimization).  SEO is basically the art of making a website visible in as many places on the net as possible to attract as much traffic and visitors as possible.  The little things all add up.

There are so many factors that make for good page rankings, that’s why most companies hire someone.  All these subjects are covered here within this blog somewhere.   All of them matter.  All of them contribute to your site’s success.

  • Domain Name Url
  • Meta Tags
  • Keyword Density
  • LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Backlinks
  • Paid Submissions
  • Google Places – Local Searches
  • Keyword Density
  • Phrases and Words   (short or long tailed)
  • Free Site Submission
  • Manual Site Submissions (DMOZ)
  • Analytics
  • Blogs
  • Social Networks

So what the heck is a keyword anyway?  Put simply, it’s what someone who is looking for you types in on their keyboard in a browser on a search engine like or   Next time you’re in google looking for something, watch what google suggests as you type.  Those suggestions are what other people type in.  So, go to google, try to find your competition.  What did you have to type in?  That’s the basics, the rest is studying what and how often people type in certain words and phrases using the google keyword tool, looking at what your competition is using and using analytics over time to adjust the words you are using.

So wow. where do I start?  Start here, decide what your website is all about.  Use the Google Keyword Tool to do some research.  Decide on what keywords, 2 to 4 words that make up a phrase.  These will be your main focus.  People try and use 50-75 keywords and phrases, but you can only really optimize a website for one ot two single phrases well.  Once you have your main phrase, go to or to buy the website name.  Use their tool to get some ideas and find what’s available.  For example, I have a Web Design Company and I live in Paso Robles California, so this was easy, I came up with  You may have a sales software company.  Both of those words are so common, you need to go latent.  Latent means finding words that relate, something that buying sales software would solve.  Like sales rep reports, order tracking, or  client management.  Buy your domain name based on your keywords, not your company name.  Then come back here often and try and go down that list above, implementing each thing one at a time.

Basic keyword training and knowledge should be one of the very first steps to take before anything else here. Without the fundamentals mastered, success online with anything will be slow in results if any results are found at all. Many come here, many fail, but for the most part the failure was due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of what has to be done here.

Put the income generating aside and focus on generating traffic, this was the key for all of us who have found success online.

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