Have Others add your Blog to Google Desktop

Ok, so you have a blog.  Let’s create a little button that allows people to add your newsfeed to their Google Desktop.  Go here http://www.google.com/webmasters/add.html. You’ll need to choose RSS feed or Atom, choose one feed, select your button, then add your newsfeed url.  I used http://www.jamesstoneseo.com/wp-feed.php then generate the HTML.  Now in wordpress, login as admin, go to your appearance area, click on widgets, you’ll need to use the text widget and add it to some area on your blog.  Paste the HTML in this area and give it a name like “Add This Feed to Google”.  Look down at the bottom of my screen and click on it for an example.  It’s very cool, now you have others adding you to their homepages and you’ll spread your message like wildfire.  Add a comment if you’d like below.


  1. Douglass

    Like the new look. I were pleased with the content. Credit for a nice article.

  2. Refugio

    Bless you for trying to explain the terminlogy for the noobs!

  3. admin (Post author)

    You are very welcome. Sometimes I get too technical, but I’m trying. Thanks for the comment.

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