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The high cost of Google Ad Words

 The high cost of Google Ad Words is aboslutely amazing. High Cost of Google Ad Words  I get all sorts complaining that AdvertiseYourBusinessNow doesn’t bring them 1000s of leads overnight, yet they have not done any work to advertise on…
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Local Searches – Step 6

Last installment here, this is really a commentary overview of everything I’ve been telling you on Google Places.  There’s a lot of factors that will increase your coverage. 1. Having your own website with the keywords and Meta tags done right,…
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Local Searches – Step 4

At this point, I believe you have your first listing, and at least one offer created.  You may or may not still be waiting for Google to send you a verification code to unlock your listing.  That’s ok, what I…
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Local Searches – Step 3

If you completed your first basic listing, you’ll finally come to the last part of all this and see a new screen altogether with your listing under the Dashboard panel.  There is a new panel called offers.  Create an offer…
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Local Searches – Step 2

Now that you have your Google Places account created, the first thing I want you to do is finish up your basic information on your first listing.  You need your company name, address information, email, webiste, make sure you use…
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Local Searches – Step 1

I have been telling you how great local searches are.  here’s some how to.  First, you need a Google email account.  http://www.google.com  Across the top, it says Gmail, click on it.  If you don’t have an account, click on the…
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